2014-08-28 / Police Report

Police Report

August 13

2:32 a.m. - Agency Assistance - Berlin Police was assisted with an E911 hang-up call.

2:47 a.m. - Foot Patrol - A foot patrol and business checks were conducted at Plaza Drive. All was found to be secure.

12:04 p.m. - Traffic Hazard - An officer found a vehicle partially blocking the roadway on Route 12 south. The officer stopped and found a family just returning to the vehicle. The operator was cautioned about blocking a travel lane. Nothing further.

1 p.m. - DLS - Northfield Police arrested Jessie L. Premont, age 28, of Northfield for driving while Criminally Suspended. Officers were aware that Ms Premont was suspended and had been operating, so were looking for her. She was processed, cited into court and released.

6:42 p.m. - Accident PI - An Officer responded to the report of a traffic crash on Vermont Route 64. This crash involved a collision between a motorcycle and a car. The Officer arrived and investigated the crash scene and spoke with the parties involved. The motorcycle operator was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Appropriate enforcement will be taken should the results of the investigation warrant it.

9:09 p.m. - Agency Assistance - An Officer responded to Berlin to assist the Berlin Police Department with the report of a burglary in progress. A concerned neighbor had called because people were at a house which was supposed to be unoccupied. The investigation revealed the people at the house were lawfully there.

August 15

12:48 a.m. - Agency Assistance - An Officer responded to Berlin to assist the Berlin Police Department with the report of a stabbing. The Officer responded and assisted as needed by securing the scene. The call had been largely exaggerated and assistance was not needed for very long.

3:45 a.m. - Citizen Assist - An Officer assisted a motorist who had suffered a flat tire. The Officer ensured traffic safely diverted around the stranded motorist until the tire could be replaced.

4:30 p.m. - Checkpoint Setup - The Northfield Police Department took part in a Governor's Highway Safety Labor Day Driving Under the Influence Campaign checkpoint in Randolph where Officers checked for impaired drivers. Northfield Police Department contacted 84 operators and 154 total individuals speaking to them about the importance of driving safe and dangers of driving under the influence.

6:22 p.m. - Directed Patrol - Officers performed a traffic enforcement detail,providing presence and traffic stop procedures in the town of Berlin and Northfield.

August 16

9:40 a.m. - Suspicious Person/Circumstance - The Northfield Police received a report of an individual not acting normal. The complainant was concerned for the welfare of another individual who was making statements that were out of the norm. Officers responded making contact with the individual and getting them the services they needed.

12:11 p.m. - MV Complaint - A village resident called to report that someone had driven over his lawn the previous evening, and that he had found an empty 12 pack of beer at the bottom of his road. Police are investigating.

4:33 p.m. - Hazardous Materials Incident - A concerned citizen reported a possible hazardous material in the Dog River. The Northfield Fire Department was also notified. An attempt to find the source of the substance was made.

6:43 p.m. - Suspicious Person/Circumstance - The department was given some information regarding a possible illegal activity. Under investigation.

August 17

3:41 a.m. - Foot Patrol - A foot patrol and business checks were conducted throughout the Depot Square area. All was found to be secure.

10:26 a.m. - Juvenile Problem - The Northfield Police Department received a complaint regarding individuals on the railroad tracks with a train in route. The individuals were moved along.

11:55 a.m. - Burglary Alarm - The Northfield Police department received a complaint regarding an alarm activation of a business in town. Officers responded and made contact with the individuals inside, ultimately identifying the incident as being a false alarm.

7:49 p.m. - Animal Problem - Officers responded to a report of an injured raccoon. Upon our arrival, it was apparent the animal had fallen from a garage roof. Officers dispatched the animal and removed it from the callers property.

August 18

5:14 a.m. - Suspicious Person/Circumstance - A complaint of suspicious activity was received involving a motor vehicle. Police will be continuing to monitor the situation in the event any further events occur.

8:52 a.m. - Agency Assistance - The department responded with the Northfield FireDepartment to a residence in the village. The caller had stated that there wasan audible alarm and no one was coming to the door of the building. The Fire Department was able to rectify the situation.

3:04 p.m. - Directed Patrol - The Northfield Police Department conducted high visibility traffic enforcement as part of a Governor's Highway Safety Detail. Police conducted traffic stops within Northfield, making stops for various witnessed infractions.

5:49 p.m. - Agency Assistance - VT State Police requested assistance in removing debris from I89N. All VT State Police units were tied up with an emergency in Duxbury, VT and were not able to respond. Northfield Police responded to assist and upon arrival found that the debris was already being removed by Fire Department personnel.

August 19

11:09 a.m. - Trespassing - An officer assisted the Town of Northfield with suspicious circumstances. Officers performed a building search on a local house, affected by Hurricane Irene that is scheduled to be destroyed. The house, abandoned appeared to have people living inside the residence. The house was vacant at the time of the building search.

11:42 a.m. - Trespassing - For the second time in the last two weeks, Ian Zybas, 19, of Northfield has been charged with Unlawful Trespass. He is not allowed at a store in the village, and continues to go there despite being warned by both store employees and officers. Zybas will be arraigned in court in late August.

6:14 p.m. - Suspicious Person/Circumstance - NPD received a call from a woman reporting her daughter was approached by a male subject who was advised not to have any contact with her. Officer spoke with the reporting party and advised her how to seek a TRO.

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