2010-09-23 / Police Report

Being Careful

TO THE EDITOR: THE NORTHFIELD NEWS IHAVE PREVIOUSLY discovered a plagiarized or otherwise untruthful letter published in the News (Duane Steil’s letter in the Aug.27, 2009 edition). I must sadly write to inform you that I have just found a second. Perhaps most alarming is that the hysterical screed, complete with excessive exclamation marks and entire sentences in capital letters, had as its claimed author the name of an actual journalist, perhaps in an attempt to give the rant some credibility. This letter, published in the Sept. 9 issue, titled “To the Bush Bashers”, was not written by Erica Werner, who writes for the Associated Press. It appears to have been originally written by a pseudononymous discussion forum denizen in July on a Republican Party related website (which would explain the exclamation points and caps), and I have found the “letter” in its entirety (or bits and pieces of it strung together, intermingled with spittle-flecked racist nonsense) posted on more than a dozen blogs and political forums, none claiming Erica Werner as the source.

A few words of caution – if a letter is submitted by someone from out of state or from a nationally known figure, be wary of the accuracy and honesty of both the contents of the letter and of the actual identity of the supposed author.



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