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Representative View

THE FOLLOWING is the second summary in a series of legislative updates I will be providing. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to serve you.   The Capital Bill  More...


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Silly Social Scenes

“The first Rule of Satire: Spare not your employer.” Rada Clench-Drivel, Satirist-in-Ordinary to Vlad the Impaler from June 1-2, 1472

NOTE: QUASH (Quidnuncs United Against Satirical Heresies) has examined this appalling piece of claptrap under its heresy-detecting neutronpowered magnifying glass and has determined that it is likely to cause colic in unwary persons under the age of More...


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Ask The Home Team

I’ve been seeing ads for recharging mats. It looks like you can just put your phone on the mat and it recharges. Do these mats use more electricity than chargers that you plug your phone into? More...

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