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Compiled by PHILO HALL for the Northfield News

125 Years Ago The Northfield News

May 26, 1886

3 cents a copy/ $1.50 a year

George H. Richmond, Editor

Patents have recently been granted to Vermonters as follows: H.FairbanksandCHMagoon, water heater; W W Reynolds, Rutland, design for supports for scales; J F Bullard, Swanton, railway switch; Jules Desjardins, Burlington, windmill; B D Stevens, Burlington, blind operator; A Calhoun, Middlebury, steam boiler; V H Lovely, Underhill, ash sifter; D G Morgan, Rutl and, railway time signal.

The movement to place a tax upon the manufacture of oleomargarine and to require that it be properly labeled, is a step in the right direction, because it helps our farmers. The bill now before congress we hope will become law. The farmer has no serious objection to the sale of this article if it is offered for what it really is, as then it will not damage the dairy interest of the country. But to represent the unwholesome stuff as real butter is a fraud that works against the dairy farmers and it must be remedied.

Vermont stands 11th among the States of the Union for the amount of butter annually produced. The number of milk cows in the state exceeds 230,000 and the annual butter yield from them is some 27,000,000 pounds. More than half the male population are engaged in agricultural pursuits, the great portion being occupied with dairying.

Queen Christina has given birth to a son, who, if he lives, will some day be king of Spain. Judging from the newspaper reports, the fuss made over this young kid and its mother is something awful. President Cleveland might marry and turn the whole White House into a nursery with less demonstrations from the people. But this is a free country.

100 Years Ago The Northfield News

May 23, 1911

3 cents a copy/ $1.50 a year

Fred N. Whitney, Editor

The special village meeting will be on Wednesday evening the 31st…The election of village trustee is an important matter, and it is also to be hoped that the proposed special tax for sidewalks will be voted that the work of placing Northfield on a par in this respect with many other villages of its size may be begun. The village cannot afford to let visitors wade through the mud or dust when they alight from trains. It is a good business proposition to have sidewalks and crosswalks on the square at least, to say nothing of the convenience of the thing to our own people.

G.R. Maxwell has received a new and handsome Maxwell touring car, which will replace the one formerly used. Mr. Andrews in building a garage and will install in it a modern gasoline tank.

75 Years Ago News & Advertiser

May 21,1936

5 cents a copy/ $2 a year

John E. Mazuzan, Editor

Twenty boys and girls will be graduated tonight from the eighth grade of the Northfield Town School District at exercises to be held at Armory Hall at 8 o’- clock. All members of the class will have parts on an interesting program of music and speaking which has been prepared by the teachers. H.N. Cross of the school board will present the diplomas. First honor this year is held by Myrtiedeane Lennox of the Falls Grammar School, second by Sylvia Thorington of the Center School and third by Rosario Cadorette of the Holton School. The list of graduates follows: Falls Grammar – Leona Marilyn Brunelle, Marjorie Lena Brunelle, Mary Lillian Cruickshank, Mitchell Thomas Harnois, Myrtiedeane Lennox, Wendell Jay Sheperd. Glidden – Harry Joseph Brown, Leslie William Baker, Calvin Harry Chapman. Center – Beatrice Eva Cole, Josephine Margaret Gross, Sylvia Thorington, Margart Davis Patterson. Holton – Rosario Armond Cadorette. Four Corners – Rita Ilene Davis. South Northfield – Kenneth Charles Daniels. Dillingham Francis Davis Jerry, Richard Gardner Smith. Rabbit Hollow- Grace Iris Barton. Little Northfield- Iola Mable Gould.

A special village meeting to see if the voters will adopt daylight savings time has been called for next Tuesday evening, May 26, at 7:30. The new time system, if adopted, would start May 28 and continue to Sept. 27. Norwich University adopted daylight savings time this week.

50 Years Ago News & Advertiser

May 25,1961

5 cents a copy/ $2 a year

John E. Mazuzan, Editor

The Village Water Commissioners are recommending improvements to the water system. A special village meeting will be held June 6 at the Armory to vote on the matter. The recommended improvements are as follows: Two diversion valves at the Cheney farm reservoirs, a special valve chamber and bleeder for Turkey Hill and a portable emergency chlorinator…Rehabilitate Well No. 1…Automatic controls for Well 1 & 2…500 feet of 10” main from well field to Route 12A…1800 feet of 12” main from 10” connector to Northfield Center Common connection.

Have you ever seen a car run solely by the power of the sun? Or synthetic rubber manufactured in a pop bottle in 60 seconds? How would you like to understand how a jet engine works, explore the mystery of controlling tomorrow’s space ships and listen to a radio which is powered by “liquid sunshine?” These are some of the exciting moments in store for local students when Previews of Progress, world famous General Motors science show, is presented at NHS Thursday morning at 10.

25 Years Ago Northfield News

May 22-, 1986

3 cents a copy/ $1.50 a year

Erik Nelson, Editor

Norwich University completed its 167th commencement exercises on Saturday, May 17 with the awarding of 286 bachelor’s degrees, 13 master’s degrees and four honorary degrees. Vernon A. Walters, United States Ambassador to the United Nations, delivered the commencement address.

Northfield’s bridges, both covered and conventional, were the subject of a presentation by Milan W. Lawson, District 6 Transportation Administrator… to the Northfield Selectmen at Tuesday’s meeting.

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