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Support John Quinn & Ken Goslant


I WOULD LIKE TO ask the voters and citizens of Northfield to join me in supporting Kenny Goslant and John Quinn in their bid to join the northfield Selectboard. Both are fine men and deserve the opportunity to both continue to serve Northfields citizenry and help advocate for the change that is necessary to bring this community back together.

I have known Kenny Goslant, for at times what has felt like too long. And although I have not always agreed with his decisions, I have found that the amount of thought and energy he puts into whatever he does certainly commands my support. Kenny has had the opportunity to serve the citizens of Northfield in a varity of areas, everthing from coaching our youth to most recently serving his first term on the selectboard. He,s always had Northfields best interests in mind and I believe its worth re electing Ken and giving him the support he needs to succed over the next few years.

John Quinn, although a newcomer to Northfield politics, is not a newcomer to Northfield he and his family have been here for generations. John has served the citizenry in various capacities most notably with his service on the fire department. John is best know for his uncanny ability for always being there when help is needed. Northfield needs more individuals like John who serve without question.

Yes, the usual few are coming out of the woods to run yet again, but I ask you,in the past, as they have served, have you found Northfield a better place to live, have you found Northfield to be any less cantankerous, have you felt that Northfield would stop the petty bickering between boards. No nor have I. Its time for a change, a new guard and new thoughts. Withe the election of Ken and John this new horizon can be here now. Northfield deserves and yearns for the leadership and representation Ken Goslant and John Quinn bring to the board.

Again join me, vote on March 6th and support John and Ken. Isn,t it time for a new horizon in Northfield.



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