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Rotary Labor Day Raffle Winners Announced

The Northfield News

A Washington County man was this year’s winner of the annual Harley-Davidson raffle that raises funds for the Northfield Rotary club’s service projects, President Ron Merolli announced.

Jesse Jacobs of Montpelier was the winner of the limited edition Harley Sportster, with ticket number 17.

“It’s always nice when someone local wins,” Merolli said. He noted that tickets are often bought by out-of-area, or even out-of-state residents.

The second place prize of $1,000 was won by David Beatty, also of Montpelier, with ticket number 430. Third prize, $500, was won by Sophie Shems of Burlington with ticket number 36.

The proceeds from the raffle go directly to support the annual Rotary scholarships and various Northfield organizations, such as the Scouts.

At this year’s Labor Day Weekend, the Rotary’s high school division, Interact, held a bath tub race for its own fundraising efforts.

Nine teams completed a timed obstacle course while being pelted with water balloons.

The first place team, winning $100, was the Mid-State Asbestos Dudes of Hazard, with captain Jason Maxham. The team completed the course in 28.91 seconds.

Close behind was Buley’s Bubbles American Legion, at 32.9 seconds. The team captain was Melodie Ashford. The prize was $50.

Placing third and winning $25 was The Studs, at 41.2 seconds, under captain Gabe Drown.

Merolli predicted that the bathtub race would become a new annual tradition for the Interact club.

“It was a real crowd-pleaser,” he said. The audience filled the grass embankment overlooking the Chouinard T-shirt parking lot, where the race was held.

“It gave them great position for throwing water balloons,” Merolli said.

Rotary raises the majority of its annual service funds during the Labor Day weekend. Along with the motorcycle raffle, it hosts a Bingo tent and tear-open tickets.

Merolli said that “not a single penny” of the profits went to club expenses or activities.

“It’s all to support the people of Northfield,” he said.

For further information contact Rotary member Anne Donahue at 485-6431

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