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Compiled by PHILO HALL for the Northfield News

125 Years Ago The Northfield News

November 30, 1887

3 cents a copy/ $1.50 a year

George H. Richmond, Editor

Editions of the Northfield News for this date were not available at the Norwich University archives at Kreitzberg Library.

100 Years Ago The Northfield News

December 24, 1912

3 cents a copy/ $1.50 a year

Fred N. Whitney, Editor

While Frank Provost was skating on the river, Tuesday forenoon he broke through the ice and but for the timely action of his young brother, later assisted by Harry Grant, who rescued him by means of a long stick, Frank would have undoubtedly been drowned. This accident should serve as a warning to the boys to stay off the river until the ice is safe.

The grocery store of W. H. Moriarty is under the management of Mr. Moriarty’s sister, Miss Jennie Moriarty, during his absence. She is assisted by George Simonds and Earl Ellis.

The additional dollar a day that members of the Legislature now receive probably does not tend to shorten the sessions. Seveneights of the real work is done by one-eight of the members. This eighth, and a portion of the rest, would be glad to finish up and get home a soon as possible. But a large number find it is a rather lucrative and pleasant vacation. Four dollars per, Sundays included, with little to do that wears on the muscles, brain or nerves, good hotel feed and pleasant entertainment, beats the home job all out. So a goodly bunch welcome the long session with its nice fat wad at the end. Three dollars a day would tend to shorten the sitting, and a lump sum would cause such a hustle as would bring heart failure to Montpelier landlords. – Randolph Herald and News.

75 Years Ago News & Advertiser

December 22, 1937

5 cents a copy/ $2 a year

John E. Mazuzan, Editor

Northfield High’s boy basketball players won their third game in four starts Friday when they beat Winooski High on the latter’s floor, 27 to 24. Next week the locals will play two home games – Against Waterbury Tuesday night and with Peoples Academy of Morrisville Friday night.

Mrs. Inez J. Woodbury closed her kindergarten school on Vine Street Friday for a two-week’s holiday vacation. A well-laden Christmas tree was enjoyed by the youngsters, games were played and gifts distributed, after which refreshments were served by Mrs. Woodbury. A jolly good time was had.

SKI TOW SEASON TICKET $5.00. An ideal Christmas gift which guarantees fun throughout the entire winter. More skiing in an hour that was ever before possible in a day. The tow is located on the hill which the ski club has voted to light for evening skiing – a hill offering excellent terrain for beginners and one of the fastest slopes in tow for more expert. Five days of skiing makes a season ticket a good investment. Northfield Ski Tow, Louis L. Morse, Mgr.

50 Years Ago News & Advertiser

December 20, 1962

5 cents a copy/ $2 a year

John E. Mazuzan, Editor50 LLOYD AND Marilyn Trombly, local florists, demonstrated the making of wreaths and other Christmas arrangements last week at a meeting of Court St. John, Catholic Daughters of America, held in the parish hall. Mrs. Margaret Daniels, junior chairman, reported that the bazaar conducted by the Junior Catholic Daughters was a social and financial success. During the social hour members brought gift wrapped toys and clothing for local charity. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Richard Provost, Mrs. Gene Mangi and Mrs. Leo Brassard.

“Tis the season to be jolly, - and, apparently, also to think about Christmas shopping. It’s apparent too, that it’s the season for robbing banks. Some rob banks like they shop in supermarkets, on impulse. It isn’t a good idea. Over in Maine, a man robbed a bank, and the next day authorities arrested a man they feel certain is the culprit. Here on Vermont, another man held up the First National bank in White River Junction and, in less than two hours, the police nailed a suspect who fitted the description and whose pockets were stuffed with money. These are prime examples of what happens to people who don’t do their Christmas shopping early. The wonder isn’t that there should be a rash of bank robberies during the Christmas season; what’s wondrous is that more Vermont banks aren’t held up more often. It will surprise the average Vermonter to learn how insecure so many small banks are. One we’ve heard of keeps its depositor’s money in a vault whose lock hasn’t worked for 30 years or more. Another bank, this one near a ski resort, reportedly has to stack cash deposits outside the vault after a busy ski weekend because the vault won’t hold it all. You’d think the safe manufacturers would get busy and sell vault security to Vermont banks.

25 Years Ago Northfield News

December 24, 1987

25 cents a copy/ $2 a year

Erik Nelson, Editor

Six members of the NHS rifle team met Friday at the Norwich rifle range to pack equipment for a trip to West Point. At 12 noon the team met two vehicles with the Spalding team and parents and headed for West Point. After stopping for gas and lunch at Rutland the teams arrived at the 5 Star Inn on Stuart Air Force Base at 6 p.m. After breakfast Saturday morning we headed for West Point. Upon arrival we went to the student center where the team bought souvenirs…We spent the rest of the morning at a museum. At noon we went to the rifle range for our 1 p.m. relay…The match was very close with West Point winning 1852, followed by Spalding 1822, and Northfield 1799…Leading the local shooters was Mike Ruususen 488, David Wilcox 455, Kyle Greenslit 445, Gary Demasi 435, Jason Ricker 421 and Captain Heather Codling 411. The team was up at 6 a.m. Sunday morning for their return trip and arrived back in Northfield at 1:30 p.m.

Teacher negotiations have officially come to an impasse, according to Charles Memoe, superintendent. Mark Hage, chairman of the English department at Northfield Junior-Senior High School and Teachers Association president, said that the Board of School Directors unilaterally made the decision Friday night at a meeting between teachers and board members…At this point, according to both Hage and Memoe, a decision will have to be made whether to go to mediation, fact finding or a combination of the two,

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