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Compiled by PHILO HALL for the Northfield News

125 Years Ago The Northfield News

January 13, 1888

3 cents a copy/ $1.50 a year

George H. Richmond, Editor

The Kreitzberg Library does not have the paper for this week in 1888 but we will bring you the items from 125 years ago when they are available.

100 Years Ago The Northfield News

January 21, 1913

3 cents a copy/ $1.50 a year

Fred N. Whitney, Editor

“There will be no inaugural ball” declared Wilson C. Eustis, chairman of the inaugural committee,

Friday after an informal conference with several members over President-Elect Wilson’s letter requesting that the committee consider the feasibility of omitting the function. “The wishes of President-elect Wilson will be complied with.” Said Mr. Eustis. The committee will take official action later.

Until the last generation, tattooing was almost universal in Persia. Today it is rare among the upper classes, but is still affected by the lower classes. Women are tattooed not so much with a view to decoration as to avert the “evil eye,” or to hide a blemish or cure a malady.

In the current issue of the Popular Mechanics, is a cut of “Truth” one of the statutes, and a description of the six colossal Granit statutes by St. Gaudens, which adorn the entrance to the Union station in Washington D.C. and which were carved in Northfield, under the personal supervision of Andrew Bernasconi, of this village, a granite carver of remarkable ability.

We had just squared ourselves to settle once and for all the cause of the high cost of living when along comes a government bulletin from the Department of Agriculture, dated Jan. 15, 1913, showing that the average prices received by producers of staple farm crops, foodstuffs and livestock have declined about 17.2 per cent from last January.

75 Years Ago News & Advertiser

January 20, 1938

5 cents a copy/ $2 a year

John E. Mazuzan, Editor

The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity held open house Saturday and Sunday in its fine new building on Central Street north of the Orser property. The many alumni and friends who inspected the new home had much praise to offer. The house is of brick veneer in a modified Colonial style. The entrance hall is of unusual beauty… Everything in the house has been planned with the greatest care.

Charging President Roosevelt with full responsibility for the business decline, Congressman Charles A. Plumley of Vermont in a recent Washington statement asked that vigorous steps be taken immediately “to eliminate the feeling of uncertainty and fear which dominates our whole economic system.” Congressman Plumley believes that all the factors of prosperity are at hand in this country, but that they are crippled to a large extent by Roosevelt policies – by excessive taxation, by constant threats of inflation and by the recent radio campaign of bitterness against business, thrift and enterprise.

The roof of Northfield’s new post-office on the corner of Main Street and Slater Avenue is in place, but the walls which are to support it have not yet been built. This unusual procedure represents the solution to a problem caused by the severity of winter time in Northfield.

Northfield’s 25 –below-zero temperatures of the past few days caused postponement of last night’s community sleigh ride to Roxbury until next Tuesday.

50 Years Ago News & Advertiser

January 17, 1963

5 cents a copy/ $2 a year

John E. Mazuzan, Editor

An all-time new record 330 pints of blood was donated to the Burlington Blood Center of the American Red Cross last week by the Cadet Corps of Norwich University.

Speaker of the House Franklin S. Billings, Jr., announced committee assignments Wednesday afternoon, hard on the heels of the canvassing committee’s report on the gubernatorial recount. The late FDR offered this nation his New Deal; his successor offered the Fair Deal; but Billings is believed by many to be the first candidate for that office who offered House members No Deal; at least in his bid for votes. Yet the important chairmanships of Appropriations and Ways and Means turned out to be “more acceptable than not” to Gov. Hoff, according to informed sources.

Municipal Manager George L. Young today issued a statement to outline procedure that must be followed in connection with the Australian ballot system that will be employed at this year’s town meeting for the election of all officers except that of moderator. Candidates for moderator will be nominated from the floor. All others will be elected through the use of previously printed ballots to be marked in the polling booths. Certificates of Nomination must be filed by all candidates between Feb. 5 and 12, manager Young said. These can be secured at his office or from the town clerk. Each candidate must secure at least 12 signatures of legal voters to qualify for the election.

25 Years Ago Northfield News

January 21, 1988

25 cents a copy/ $2 a year

Erik Nelson, Editor

Norwich University has received a grant of $21,028 from the Educational Foundation of America to fund the first year of the new weekend Associate Degree in Nursing Program. Norwich’s accredited nursing program is the only one in Vermont to offer students an alternative to traditional nursing education.

The importance of a unified school district was stressed by Bob Dikon, former superintendent, at a Facility Committee meeting. Dikon said that a union with Roxbury should be considered and he also suggested exploring a union with Montpelier... “The present science facilities are abominable,” said Dikon. “There is no music facility here,” he said. “The facilities were bad 15 years ago,” he said. Dikon said that when he came to Northfield in 1971 there were kids everywhere, including rented space in church basements and at Norwich University. A bond issue to build a new junior high school was passed and then defeated when it was revoted.

The Northfield Boared of Selectmen took under advisement a request to pave the so-called Lover’s Lane road, a connecting road between Routes 12 and 12A at their meeting Monday night.

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