2013-04-18 / Police Report

Police Report

April 3

3:04 p.m. - MV Complaint - An individual reported that his car had been hit by another person in the Grand Union parking lot and just realized it. I documented the damage and recorded it with the incident.

6:02 p.m. - Assault - An officer was advised that a parent had called to speak with an officer concerning an assault that had occurred earlier in the day. I spoke with the parent and the child. Statements were filed. After speaking with parties involved a resolution was found.

6:54 p.m. - Sex Offense - A caller was concerned about her friend, 14, that was reportedly sexually active with a 19 year old. A report to Department of Children and Families was made.

7:47 p.m. - Theft - A report of a missing cell phone was received. The officer is waiting for the serial number so that it can be listed in the National list of stolen property.

9:48 p.m. - Suspicious Person/Circumstance - An officer was requested to respond to Norwich University to assist the administration. There were reports that senior students were going to burn their winter uniforms with the arrival of spring. In the past this event has been know to be rowdy. I responded to campus and provided a police presence. No enforcement action was necessary.

April 4

1:15 p.m. - Missing Person - An officer received a report of a missing 14 yr old. The parent gave the officer a description of the juvenile. A Be On the Lookout was issued. A few hours later the juvenile returned to the home.

3:56 p.m. - MV Complaint - An officer received an in-person report of a vehicle passing a stopped school bus on VT RT 64; near West View Ridge Road. The school bus driver advised that he was stopped, with his red flashing lights illuminated and discharging students, when a vehicle passed the bus. I was given a description of the vehicle. Contact was made to advise the owner of the vehicle the complaint.

5:05 p.m. - Animal Problem - An officer received a report of animal cruelty. The complainant advised that the dog had been left at the residence unattended for several days, and was constantly barking. I note that I had been at the residence earlier in the day and saw the dog. The owner was home as well. At this time, there is no basis to continue this investigation for the purposes of animal cruelty, based upon a lack of supporting evidence.

9:03 p.m. - SOT - An officer provided a security detail the the High School for their Mud Season dance.

April 5

9:54 a.m. - Welfare/Suicide Check - An officer responded to a request for a welfare check on an apartment on North Main Street in Northfield. The report was that a child had been left unattended. Upon arrival, the officer found that someone was attending young kids. Further investigation revealed that the individual had a warrant for failing to appear in Orange County Court. He was taken into custody and released to the Orange County Sheriff dept and transported to Court.

5:40 p.m. - Threatening - An officer was advised of a threatening complaint. The officer attempted to contact the complainant to discuss the situation. No call back has been received.

April 6

1:07 a.m. - Agency Assistance - Barre City Police Department faxed an Abuse Prevention Order to the Northfield P.D. to serve on the listed defendant whom they believed had come to live with his mother who is a resident of Northfield. Officers will attempt to locate the defendant and issue him the order.

1:08 a.m. - Agency Assistance - The Washington County Sheriff's Office faxed an Abuse Prevention Order to the Northfield Police Department, requesting our assistance in serving the order on the defendant. Officers will attempt to locate the defendant, whose last known address was in Northfield.

2:11 a.m. - Intoxicated Person - An officer observed a male staggering along the sidewalk on South Main Street. I made contact with him and asked where he was heading, he was able to speak and responded to my questions, but the answer were not to the questions I had asked. I determined he was under 21 and had consumed alcohol. Paperwork for the Teen Alcohol Safety Program was issued. The male was turned over to the Norwich University Security office.

3:13 a.m. - Agency Assistance - Officers responded to assist Vermont State Police with an escalating fight in a bar in Warren Vt. Prior to Northfield units arriving on scene the Troopers were able to contain the situation and the responding Northfield units returned to the patrol area. Nothing further

April 7

8:54 p.m. - Wanted Person - Police arrested Rickie A. Bowen,age 40, of Northfield, Vermont for an arrest warrant. An officer was aware that Bowen had multiple warrants for failing to appear in court on several cases. The officer began checking known associates and locations that Bowen frequents and located him at one of said locations.

April 8

10:13 a.m. - Citizen Assist - An officer received a report from an individual about beer cans and bottles being left in her lawn from people next door.

12:16 p.m. - Animal Problem - An officer came across a lost dog by the name of Jack. I assisted Jack in finding his way home and released him to his care taker.

1:02 p.m. - Juvenile Problem - An officer received a report of an individual making threatening remarks. I went and spoke with the individual about the comments he made and how others were threatened by them.

2:46 p.m. - Fraud - An officer received a report of fraudulent items. The officer is investigating.

4:03 p.m. - Phone Problem /Harrassment - We received a report of an individual who had been continuously receiving unwanted messages on her phone. I told her that I would contact the individual to stop their contiguous attempts to harass.

April 9

8:34 a.m. - MV Complaint - An officer received a motor vehicle complaints on VT RT 12. Officer was told that the complainant was following a truck that had defective tail lights. the owner of the vehicle was contacted and the individual brought his truck right away to a car repair shop.

6:50 p.m. Citizen Dispute - Police arrested James Marsha, age 22, of Northfield, Vermont for Aggravated Assault and Gregory G. Rainville,age 26, of Worchester, Vermont for Domestic Assault and Simple Assault.

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