2013-07-25 / Letters

Progress on Water Street Homes


UST A QUICK update on your page 1 article on the Water Street properties which are being “bought out” following the August 2011 damage caused by Hurricane Irene.

The town zoning officer, Michele Braun, has taken the lead on this project, and has done a great job in coordinating things with the state and federal governments…..a lengthy and tedious process. I have assisted her in preparing conveyance documents and conducting closings on the properties. So far we’ve actually closed three transactions, and the owners have left with their checks. We’re scheduled to close another one next week, and another in early August. I believe the total number which will be conveyed consists of thirteen properties.

So…..within the next several weeks we hope to have five of the thirteen properties conveyed….and the owners paid. In fact, money was first available in May, and we began closing them then. We’ve been averaging a closing every three weeks or so, and hope to improve on that in the coming weeks. We can pretty much close them as quickly as we receive funding and permission from state and federal government….the delay is definitely not at the municipal level, largely thanks to Michele’s good work.

So….we’re doing what we can. I can assure the property owners and News readers that this is a top priority here at our law office, and with town officials.



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