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The Shroud of Turin Discussed at St. John’s

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Donald W. Messier, RFP, M.A. presented a program devoted to the mysteries of the Holy Shroud of Turin at St. John the Evangalist Church last Sunday, Mr. Messier is the State Director of Shroud Exhibit for the State of Vermont. He is a well-known expert or Sindonologist in the study of the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.

This centuries old linen cloth bears the image of a crucified man believed to be Jesus of Nazareth. It is both a miracle and a mystery to be solved. Countless scientists have devoted hundreds of thousands of hours to the study and research to this cloth. It is considered to be the most studied object in the world.

The linen cloth shows the body of a man almost six feet tall who weighed about 175 pounds. He has a short beard and long hair pulled into a ponytail. This man suffered greatly having his hand and feet pierced with nails, his head crowned with thorns, his body scourged, yet not a bone was broken. Blood stains, type AB, complete the picture. This description of Jesus’ death was foretold in the Bible.

There is evidence of flowers being interned with the body. The flowers no longer survive but 58 different pollen samples have been identified. Limestone dust documented as originating in the Jerusalem area has been found on the foot area of the cloth.

Small samples of the linen were carbon dated in 1988 in a flawed study that examined a part of the Shroud that had been repaired and rewoven in the 12th Century. Further study led Professor Max Frei, Director of Scientific Dept of the Zurich, Switzerland Criminal Police said, “I can confirm, without the fear of being proven wrong, that this linen cloth dates back to Palestine, 2000 years ago.”

Experts from NASA and 22 other scientists claim that the image of the body did not press on the slab of the tomb at the moment when the impression was made. The images are three dimensional therefore they concluded that some kind of thermal radiation created the image of the body. The image was produced 1800 years before photography was invented. No paint or dye was used to create the image. The images are stereoscopic and therefore could not be a forgery.

Study of the images reveals the face of a man. This image has been enhanced to produce a likeness of a handsome person. Many people are convinced that this is the true face of Jesus.

Mr. Messier’s presentation included photographic images of the Shroud showing their actual size and color. He presented parts of popular television documentaries that enhanced the audience’s understanding of many of the details he had described. Pope Paul called the Shroud, “The most splendid relic of the Church.” Investigators will continue to work to bring science and religion together. His suggestions for further study were included.

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The Shroud's history and

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