2017-02-16 / Letters

Backing Jim Baraw


IAM WRITING this letter in support of candidate Jim Baraw for
the two year term on the Select Board.
I first got acquainted with Jim when he was Director of the
Northfield Ambulance Service. I met him several times when we
needed the Ambulance Service for members of my family. Jim was
very professional, and courteous on these calls, and very compassionate
with his patients and their family members.
I got to know him very well when he was Emergency Management
Director for Northfield. Our house was affected by the flooding in the
Water Street area, and we lost our entire first floor and most of our
belongings on the first floor.
Jim worked many, many hours for homeowners in the area getting
us the help we needed. He was instrumental in getting the volunteers
in the areas where they were needed, and in contacts we needed
for financial assistance to get our homes repaired.
I believe Jim will do an excellent job on the Select Board in serving
the needs of the Northfield community. He has an excellent view of
where Northfield should be going to get a broader tax base to help
stabilize taxes for Northfield homeowners. He is very familiar with
Northfield and the community and will do a great job for the Town of
Northfield. I urge Northfield voters to vote for Jim Baraw for the two
year seat on the Select Board.

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