2017-04-20 / News

Marauder of the Week

Our Marauder of the Week is a force to be reckoned with--one who
always makes her thoughts and opinions known, in a respectful
way, of course. Some of this Marauder’s most obvious qualities are
her witty and bright personality. In English, you can count on her
to provide thoughtful feedback to her peers when editing and in history
she provides great insight and is known for her great “synthesis
moments” including the astute connection she made between
Gandhi’s protests and the civil rights movement.
Her love of science is clear as she has been a shining star in the
subject and worked incredibly hard on her science fair project this
year—while her project didn’t yield tasty treats, it did yield some
interesting scientific discovery about the cheese-making process.
She and her partner won third place in a very challenging category
and even elected to go on to the VT State Science Fair to represent
Whether she’s skiing down the slopes at top speed or gracefully
playing the piano, you can bet she is giving it her all. And while she
has been busy keeping the spotlight on others during The Little
Mermaid, this week we’re excited to put the spotlight on our
Marauder of the Week, Lexus Jarvis!

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