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Northfield Selectboard Rejects Offer

Northfield Selectboard Rejects Offer of Free, No Obligation Consultation from the State, for Best Practice on Our Back Roads


IAM SAD AND disappointed to report that the wonderful opportunity
from the State of Vermont -- to give us free best practice
advice on our back roads -- has been rejected by the town’s
Selectboard. Personally, I am incredulous that free, no obligation
consultation with the best expert’s in the state would not only be welcome
but embraced by the town. But, sadly, for some reason, the
Selectboard believes that this advice would interfere with its ability
to cut trees on back roads. This was in no way the case, but
nonetheless the Selectboard rejected the offer. I felt a need to tell
everyone this, after I described the project on town meeting day, and
the opportunity from the state was met by enthusiastic applause
from Northfield citizens who were present. (Consider telling the
Selectboard if you disagree with their decision.)
Now, I believe, since the Selectboard is unwilling to consider best
practices, that there is a need for COMMUNITY ACTION for those
concerned about the canopies on our back roads. Clearly hazard
trees need to be removed, but many of us choose to live in Northfield
precisely because of the beautiful tree canopies that line many of our
roads. Any cutting, in my personal opinion, should be intentional;
that is, it should be because a specific tree should be removed.
Clear-cutting should not be the policy of our town.
Therefore, I am forming a SAVE OUR BACK ROADS COMMITTEE.
Anyone interested in either being involved or being informed by email
about activities, please send me an e-mail (rruttenberg@tds.net) and
I will be in touch. It is important that those who are concerned with
Northfield’s policies related to tree-cutting, let the Selectboard know.
If we are silent, there will be continued cutting without significant
environmental consideration. If we organize and speak out, perhaps
we will be heard.


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