2017-10-12 / News

Marauder of the Week

This Marauder has come a tremendous way over her 5 years here
at NMHS, and has grown into a fantastic and successful human
being. In yearbook last year, this person was one of the instrumental
cornerstones of the book’s success, taking on more and more
responsibility as our yearbook staff started to wane. In all endeavors,
this “mortal” is extremely creative, and immensely helpful and
supportive. This year, as a senior, she has taken on more responsibility
in the form of mentoring and supporting others in art! She
works with the sixth grade every morning and crosses the street a
few times a week to assist the little elementary artists. She is also
always there to help set up for art shows and open houses, long after
other students have gone home. It would not feel like the art room
if this Marauder of the Week were not there as many periods of the
day as she can swing. So here is to one of the great artists and supporters
of the arts here at NMHS; congratulations Ms. Genesis Van

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