2017-10-26 / News

Marauder of the Week

Our Marauder of the Week is a skilled player at all of the key positions
in life: collaboration, critical thinking, being a strong community
member, and applying learning to real life. She developed many
of her skills working in the petting zoo at the World’s Fair in
Tunbridge. Always a smile, always ready to help, she was a favorite
of the Guidance Department for welcoming new students to NMHS.
She is described by her peers as a competitive learner, but still ready
to collaborate at all times. She is excelling in science class, thanks
in part to her impeccable organizational skills and turning in high
quality work on time. She never seems to have a bad day and her
cheerfulness and hard-working attitude are appreciated by her
teachers and peers. In history, she consistently works hard and is
eager to improve. She is very positive about asking for and applying
feedback to make her assignments even better and more exciting.
Her excellence as a student, friend, and community member has
made Arianna Loomis the NMHS Marauder of the Week!

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