2017-12-07 / News

Marauder of the Week

This Marauder of the Week is a quiet, yet spunky individual!  She loves to learn, she loves to create art, and she always has a kind word and a helping hand for those in need.  She has grown so much as a student and pushes herself to always reach new heights in her education.  This past summer, she attended the Governor’s Institute for Design and Technology at Lyndon State College.  She quite often has a sketchbook in hand and is delighted to show off what she is creating.  One faculty member stated that they are awestruck with her brightness and how she is always willing to put in extra time and effort to get something done right.  She is a pleasure to have in class; quiet but engaging and has a flair for scientific writing!  She loves to read and you will see her on the auditorium stage for the NMHS Spring Musical. 
She is the AP World History Kahoot champion! She regularly rocks house when they review for the next big test.  She is known to ask perspicacious questions and make pertinent observations as new material is learned. She excels at making connections across time periods and global regions--which is when world history gets really interesting! The Marauder of the Week is Samantha Hays.

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