2018-01-11 / News

Marauder of the Week

This week’s Marauder of the Week is someone who exhibits the true essence of an exemplar Marauder.  This student is a thoughtful learner who works well with anyone in class.  In French class, her teacher says “people around her benefit from her calm and purposeful approach to her assignments.”  When you pass this young lady in the halls, she is always smiling as she punctually heads to her next class.  Mr. Kendrick describes her as “one of the sweetest kids I have this year” and goes on to say she is “a near tireless worker who always asks for help to get assignments done correctly.”  She is focused and doesn’t allow the everyday drama of high school to interfere with her academics.  It is always nice to start the day seeing this young lady working diligently in the library at the early hour of 8 a.m. on her rigorous VTVLC English class.  It is for all these exceptional qualities that we are delighted to award this week’s Marauder of the Week to Hailey Smith!

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