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Steve McQueen Film will be Screened

Faith and Family Films presents “Steve McQueen : An American Icon” at The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph on Feb 17th at 7pm. All are welcome to attend this free event. Film is shown in cooperation with Greg Laurie.
“It’s a testament to the power of the Gospel that the story of how the ‘King of Cool’ gave his life to Christ, has performed so well all across the nation,” said Laurie. “While we wait for the final numbers to come it, it’s clear that this film, and the real life story behind it, is resonating with people in a very profound way. I’m just very pleased that it’s finally being told to a wider audience,” said Laurie.
Organized by Faith and Family Films, the film’s Vermont premiere will be hosted by The Baptist Fellowship of Randolph. Early indications suggest Steve McQueen: American Icon was among the top grossing films during its theatrical release, even outperforming many of Hollywood largest productions.
During his career, McQueen was the number one movie star in the world. His legendary on screen exploits and death-defying stunts still inspire an army of modern-day fans who often emulate his fashion and love for cars, motorcycles and racing. “Now his fans have something else, something even cooler, to model off of Steve’s life – his faith in Jesus Christ,” added Laurie.
The film, which documents McQueen’s humble beginnings as well as his meteoric rise to worldwide stardom, also explores his ultimate search for peace and meaning which led to his Christian conversion.
“Towards the very end of his life, McQueen said that his greatest regret was not being able to tell the world about what Christ had done for him,” said Laurie. “There’s a sense that through the success of this project, we’ve helped bring full circle what God started 40 years ago. I’m thrilled to have played a role in that.”
Because of the film’s premiere night success, Faith and Family Films is proud to announce its only scheduled screening Feb 17th at 7pm in Randolph. 
Concession will be available along with items from Kerusso. For more information call Faith and Family Films at 802-565-8013.

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