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Marauder of the Week

This Marauder of the Week demonstrates the true meaning of Marauder of the Week.  She can be described by using many wonderful words!  She is OPTIMISTIC and puts her best effort into everything she does…positive thinking really does work wonders!  She is MOTIVATED to get the task done and done right.  She has a STRONG WORK ETHIC and is ready to work hard to reach her goals.  She ADVOCATES for herself and others.  She is ORGANIZED, CONNECTED, AND CONSISTENT.  She is a SELF-CONFIDENT student leader who is self-assured without being pretentious or overbearing.  Her self-confidence and calm demeanor helps others feel more certain that they, too, can overcome hurdles or reach a challenging goal.  She is TRUSTWORTHY--her attitudes, words, and motives align with what she chooses to do--this includes being honest about mistakes, refusing to gossip and shift blame, and doing things the ethical way even if it’s more convenient to do otherwise.  She is AUTHENTIC and acts in line with her core values and personality.  She maintains an OUTGOING demeanor, showing an interest in people and gladly participating in group and team activities.  She is ASSERTIVE by being up front about her needs, concerns, and opinions in a tactful way.  She is POSITIVE, APPROACHABLE, and expresses positive thoughts and feelings through both verbal and nonverbal communication and helps build empathy with those around her.  She is PASSIONATE and shows a strong COMMITMENT to and ENTHUSIASM about her work.   She can be ADAPTABLE and flexible to bring about positive change by being ready and willing to adjust to different settings and situations.  She has the COURAGE and WILLINGNESS to take risks.  She TAKES RESPONSIBILITY for her learning process and overall school experience.
She has been selected to attend HOBY Leadership Conference in May, hosted by Saint Michael’s College.  In the Fall, she balanced a heavy academic course load with participating (and excelling) in both cross country and golf.  She was a strong contributor to both teams’ state championships.  Her focus, determination, and commitment all allow her to achieve her often lofty goals.  She is a math teacher’s dream; she works hard and is willing to come in for extra help when she needs it.  She also is very responsible about making up all of the work that she misses and it isn’t just doing the missing assignments, but she comes in to go through the notes so that she understands the concepts that she missed.  She totally loves gross anatomy!  Human organs that is!  Ms. Fortin observed at the Girl’s Science Discovery Day, hosted by UVM, that she is a medical student in the making.  Mr. Macijeski says she epitomizes the saying “If you want something done, ask a busy person.”  She is a 3-sport athlete, is active in the Spring Musical, and High School Chorus, yet still thrives in the most challenging of courses.  What’s more, she has a powerful drive to excel and comes from a very positive place.  She is consistently cheerful, and on the rare occasions she is not satisfied with her work, she quickly seeks feedback and finds a way to raise her game.  In AP World History, her penetrating insight helps her spot meaningful connections between important historic events and personalities.  Her genuine thirst for wisdom and understanding make her an ideal history student who will surely benefit from the lessons history has to teach.  Mr. Heath says she is always focused and professional in science, and is completing a rigorous and independent science fair project on composting biodegradable materials.  She is a voice for the environment, advocates for positive change, and was an attendee at the Young Climate Leaders Conference in December.
It is a pleasure to award NMHS’ Marauder of the Week to Corinne Bolding.

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