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Marauders of the Quarter

Josh Bolio, left,  Caden Hurley, Alyssa Atwood, Laura Milne
Josh Bolio, left, Caden Hurley, Alyssa Atwood, Laura Milne Freshman
Our freshman Marauder of Quarter Two has managed to impress all his teachers—although in different ways. His world language teacher calls him a “calm, reliable, and diligent student who balances his academic strength with a subtle sense of humor.  He can be relied on to stay on task even in the middle of a loud learning environment.” In science and history, this Marauder is quietly attentive and focused like a laser beam. He is doing honors work in science and often shows deep insight into whatever he is studying. Ms. Donahue adds: “He is a wonderful person and student. He’s quietly amazing. I interact with him in the tech world through the CyberPatriot program. He is very thoughtful about others and his content. He will be a very successful human being!” 
His understated manner is accompanied by a rich outpouring of warmth for those around him. This Marauder’s English teacher calls him awesome and calls him “one of (if not the) nicest kids in the school. He is welcoming to everyone and extremely open-minded.” His TA echoes that sentiment, describing him as “an unfailingly kind young man.  He will gladly help anyone with anything, and really encourages kids to do their best.” In math, he “is consistently cheerful and happy to help his classmates.”
This Marauder also garners academic praise. His math teacher has suggested that he make some money and start a tutoring business! “Knowing his math prowess, he always does the more challenging assignments,” she claims. One of three honors students in American Literature, “he is insightful and inspiring in the way that he analyzes and picks apart the literature that we read,” states his teacher, who also applauds him as an amazing artist.
But in some settings, this student shows his funnier side. His math teacher testifies that “he leaves witty commentary on his assignments, showing his whimsical and illuminating nature.” His English teacher adds: “His sarcasm and comical antics help to liven up any class. His choice of hair style also reveals fantastic taste.”
Across the board, whether he’s being quietly excellent or cracking wise, this inspiring Marauder is a great choice to represent the freshman class. Give it up for Joshua Bolio!
Stephen Hawking quips that "quiet people have the loudest minds," while Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys rapped that he is "cooler than a cucumber in a bowl of hot sauce," both of which seem to exactly exemplify the sophomore Marauder of the Quarter.  This student is kind, intelligent, mild-mannered, respectful, and a pleasure to have in class.  He is always quiet and focused and calmly executes the task at hand. He asks thoughtful questions, advocates for himself, and can challenge ideas he disagrees with in a respectful way—not an easy skill to master. 
This student is working on a fascinating science fair project on the effects of video games on heart rate and has been seen helping several classmates by serving as a “test subject” for their science fair projects. In Math, he has really stepped it up a notch this year! His math teacher notes that he is consistently getting his work in on time and staying focused on the task at hand when in class.  In French, he is perfecting his pronunciation of new vocabulary while creating humorous skits with his classmates.  His competitive edge add a good energy to vocabulary games in class. This Marauder also has a good understanding and skill base in food preparation, and demonstrates an appreciation for the presentation of food, which was especially evident in the Russian Tea Cakes prepared for a holiday baking unit.
 In addition to his many academic strengths, this young entrepreneur runs a lawn-mowing business in the warmer months.
The reason for Caden Hurley’s selection as sophomore Marauder of the Quarter was best summed up by a teacher who said, “I would love to have a class full of Cadens, but the universe could not handle that much awesomeness in the same space, and I would fear the thermodynamic consequences.”
The junior Marauder of the Quarter is a kind and caring person, a hard-working and intelligent student, and an exemplar citizen.  She works with the littlest kids as part of her service learning project, allowing them to climb all over her with what we can assume are germ-infested hands. 
She is an incredibly talented musician, including a recent impressive solo piece during the winter concert.  She works tirelessly in GPE, is consistent with the timely completion of high quality work, and makes numerous connections between past and present learning across disciplines.
She works equally hard in chemistry, excels at the application of math to science, and always brings a positive attitude and generous spirit to the classroom.  She is noted for her integrity on how well she works and responds to her peers. She is a natural teacher in that she is caring and fair and she did amazing work with the preschool children in her parenting class.  She did a fabulous job choreographing the NES/NMS play "Bebop with Aesop," and was an awesome dance teacher for the younger students, racking up a LOT of volunteer hours in the process.  In addition, she has helped to choreograph “The Little Mermaid” last year and has taken on over half of the dances for this year’s production of “Spamalot,” working with students from all grades to teach them everything from ballroom dancing to tap. Speaking of tap, she will be a junior instructor for the Tap class during YES plan. 
She is a pleasure to work with and shows great leadership abilities, and in her math class she is a driven student who wants to learn and master new concepts. She is already focused on college--looking at schools in California and Chicago.  She was an incredible manager for the fall’s state champion cross country team.  Not only was she very responsible with helping to keep the team organized, but she was a great supporter of our athletes.  On top of her work as a manager, she also did the vast majority of our training alongside the team.  She is an excellently remarkable individual whom our school is fortunate to have.  She is: Alyssa Atwood.
This senior Maurauder is always understatedly upbeat and is the model of organization. She is hard-working and meticulous in all classes.  She is currently challenging herself with two AP classes, one in English and one in Science.  In addition, she took a CCV course in the fall. 
She is a compassionate person who has decided to dedicate herself to caring for animals and was recently accepted to VTC’s competitive Vet. Tech program. Her compassion extends to everyone around her as she checks in with people, shares happy moments, and celebrates her siblings.  She glows with joy as she describes the fun times she spends with her family on the weekends and the work she is doing in school that she is excited about.
She is an essential sidekick to Mrs. Kissel in the Library. In her free time, she enjoys writing creative stories and is developing an alternate reality in her writing that maybe we will be able to check out from the library someday.
She has a budding architecture gene--she built and designed a log cabin project in Mr. McNair’s class. She is also a dedicated choral student, and a thoughtfully inquisitive scientist. Her philosopher’s dinner final exam pitted Aristotle vs. Plato for a lively discussion. She is a fabulous host for one of our exchange students, doing all kinds of adventurous, Vermont-y things with Po-Yi. She will be on stage in the upcoming “Spamalot” musical and this will be her final appearance after four years lighting up the stage with her enthusiasm for and commitment to her roles. She attended the fall Winooski Valley Festival and is auditioning for All-State Music Festival. Laura Milne is a kind, smiling, very funny student who will be missed next year at Northfield Middle High School.

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