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Northfield Holds First Winter TUC Tournament

Cassie Morse

Sixteen members of the Northfield TUC Club met on Saturday, March 18, to participate in the first winter TUC tournament, a full day of modified double-elimination play.
Using a random draw to determine pairs, eight two-person teams competed in the seven-hour competition.  Paul Brown and Joe Zuaro emerged as undefeated winners, overcoming the TUC U team of Lucinda Sullivan and Charlie Morse.  Both of these teams faced down the Squeak-Ins (Tossy Garrett and Deb Zuaro) to make it past the semi-finals. 
Rounding out the field were teams C&C (Carolyn Zuaro and Cassie Morse), the Creeps (Craig Sullivan and Peter Evans), the TUC Dawgs (Mark Depman and Chandra Blackmer), Scott and Erin Kerner, and Kim Depman and Deb Evans.
Winners Paul Brown and Joe Zuaro were awarded a custom-made maple TUC board with brass, copper, stainless steel and distressed tin playing field that will be taken to the North American, Open Invitational TUC Championship later this year North of the 45th parallel, where Northfield will compete with Canadian and Northern Vermont players for the annual title. 
TUC is a game strategy and luck that migrated South to Northfield from Highgate a decade ago, although its origins are unclear.  The game board accommodates four players: two two-player teams must navigate around a wooden board with 80 holes using cribbage-like pegs.  A regular deck of cards with the jokers move the pieces around the board.  The goal of TUC is to leave base to get all your pieces home, while avoiding your opponent, helping your partner, and disrupting your opponent’s play.  Once one partner’s pieces are home, this player then helps his/her partner move all his/her pieces home. The first team to have all their pieces home wins.  
Games can be as swift as 20 minutes or last as long as a couple of hours, depending on the luck of the draw and player savvy.  TUC is easy to learn, maddening to master and fun for any level of player skill. For information on how to play this wonderful winter past time or to get your own TUC board, contact Charlie or Cassie Morse of Farmor Farm. 

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