2018-03-29 / Letters

The Protesting Students

To the Editor: The Northfield News
Richard Cleveland’s letter in last week’s Northfield News lauding students who marched out of school in protests overlooks the real problem.
Guns do not kill people any more than knives or bombs or rental trucks.
The heinous acts perpetrated with these inanimate objects are carried out be evil, mentally disturbed, disillusioned PEOPLE!
In many cases, these people got that way by being bullied, picked on and ostracized into feeling alone and left out. Instead of marching like trained monkeys, these students could make a real difference by marching across the lunch room and sitting with that kid that is alone and by himself.
Engage that kid in conversation and maybe share a joke over lunch. Instead of chanting slogans and catch phrases like little parrots, why not try shutting off your phone and have a real conversation with that student who doesn’t seem to have nay friends or maybe doesn’t belong to the popular social click.
Ask them how they are doing and find out what is happening in their world, trying to see things through their eyes.
That would do more to address these issues than all of the marching and protesting will.
There is an old proverb that says “we have seen the enemy and he is us.”
Bruce Baroffio, Sr.

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