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Andrew Perchlik Announces for Senate

Andrew PerchlikAndrew PerchlikContinuing a long commitment to civic and community engagement in Washington County, Andrew Perchlik announced his campaign for the State Senate. 
Andrew Perchlik is seeking to be an active senator on the economic and community issues of Washington County. “My collection of Vermont experiences with low-income homeowners, with high-tech energy companies, as a volunteer firefighter, in State and local government, and as an elected official, propelled me to be a candidate for Washington County Senate in 2018” said Perchlik. 
“We can, and should, fold economic development into our goals for a cleaner environment, increased renewable energy, thriving local farms, public transportation, and policies that support families.”
“If elected, I will collaborate with our Washington County delegation to work as a team to bring about economic prosperity that will benefit all our towns and will allow us to support those of us that struggle to secure the basics of health care, affordable housing, child care, and a livable wage.”
“Our community is created by our individual engagement and our collective impact. I am ready and eager to step forward as your engaged Senator, actively working for all the residents of Washington County and together with those that are also offering their service towards creating more prosperous communities across our County and Vermont.”
Perchlik’s motivation to serve comes, in part, from his professional and volunteer leadership as: director of Vermont's Clean Energy Development Fund, founding executive director of a renewable energy trade association, member of the Vermont Community Loan Fund, past volunteer firefighter and selectboard chair in Marshfield and more. 
Among the priorities Perchlik listed for his work in the State Senate:
Build our clean energy economy
Work to bring passenger rail to the Waterbury-Montpelier-Barre corridor
Focus on making collective progress towards prosperity
Strengthen and support our local small businesses
Enact policies that support families and children
Grow our agricultural and forest economies
Advocate for the County’s smaller towns
Support our most vulnerable citizens
Increase affordable housing
Improve health care
Vermonters can interact with Andrew through his website:
www.AndrewPerchlik.com, on facebook, or via email: AndrewPerchlik@gmail.com

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