2018-05-17 / News

Marauder of the Week

Some of the adjectives used to describe this week’s Marauder of the Week are: awesome, thoughtful, dependable, smart, funny, positive, focused, and amazing. Several teachers mentioned that this student is a hard worker who puts forth his best effort and is always willing to take on a challenge.  His schedule is full of rigorous academic courses here at NMHS and he is also doing excellent work in an online class.  Mr. Heath says this student “is an amazing chemistry student who always brings his A-game optimism and enthusiasm to each and every class.  He clamors for more work, harder problems, and shorter deadlines on a weekly basis, and really excels at applying mathematical principles to chemistry problems.  I look forward to seeing him every day.”  Ms. Lyons agrees that he is enthusiastic and engaged in Physics, especially during labs; his curiosity is an asset when it comes to exploring Newton’s laws, the force of gravity, Thermohaline circulation, and Albedo. He always has a positive attitude and his friendly nature is a great addition to our physics class. Mr. Moynihan appreciates that this student works hard and does great in precalculus, and shows “a subtle but sharp sense of humor.” His academic prowess is not limited to math and science. Madame Vincent says he is “a thoughtful student who is very focused on learning French….He can work with anyone and always produces high quality work.” Mr. Kendrick says he is “is a real gem.  Always willing to put forth a solid effort. Super sweet, never a complaint.  Got to learn to dribble with both hands if he's ever gonna really be a player but still a real gem.” His basketball coach would no doubt discount that joking comment about dribbling! He says this Marauder has been a real pleasure to coach and is “a great young man who works very hard on the court; he is dependable, smart and quite funny! He is an extreme asset to our team. He has played the last three years and has improved every year. Next year I am looking for him to play a big leadership role on our team.” Leadership was also mentioned by Ms. Aftuck, as this student participated in a “Getting to Y” conference last fall as a student leader and is part of the newly formed YATST (Youth Adults Transforming Schools Together). She adds that he “is a true gentleman.  He is kind, respectful and genuine.” We are very pleased to be able to honor Austin Jarvis as this week’s Marauder of the Week.

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